Quality Control

At Source Energy Sales & Rentals, we understand the importance of Quality Control, Integrity Management and Comprehensive Documentation. We ensure the highest industry quality standards are adhered to, and all of our equipment is compliant with all Provincial and Federal regulations and guidelines. Our staff are highly trained and experienced, and our vendor list is limited to best in class service providers.

All of our equipment has been manufactured to the highest quality standards and specifications. We utilize only the best fabrication facilities and equipment manufacturers in the industry, and all of our service and equipment suppliers have a proven track record of excellence. Complete history and traceability documentation is available upon request.

Every individual piece of equipment is stamped with a manufacturer serial number and is also stamped or banded with a unique Source Energy ID number. This ensures that each piece is easily identifiable and trackable. All of our piping (High Pressure and Low Pressure) is individually banded for convenient identification. Certification is kept up to date and meets or exceeds even the most stringent industry standards.

Our rigorous Assessment / Maintenance program ensures our equipment stays in premium operating condition. All Non-Destructive Testing and Inspection (UT and MPI) is completed by qualified 3rd party ASNT & CGSB personnel that are familiar with the equipment they are assessing. 


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